Free From Diabetes


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Real Motivation and a Method that Works!”

Stuart Feighner



A natural solution to diabetes & weight problem

We adopt proven lifestyle coaching and personalised meal planning to help you achieve what you want

Reverse Diabetes Naturally

No medication is required. All you need is a new lifestyle to reset your health positively and live a long life!

Lose Weight Fast

You see significant result in as short as 2 weeks. Studies have shown that majority in the 8-week program weigh at least 8 kgs less.

Cut Down Medication & Save Money!

Hundreds of thousands of diabetes patients can reduce or get rid of medication of diabetes and save money on healthcare!

Eat The Food You Like

We change how you eat, what you eat, but not how much you eat. No starving, fasting or calories counting.

Regain Your Youth & Energy

Your body rejuvenates: your skin, your energy, and your body functions. You feel

No Other Health Issues

You can get rid of other health issues including hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and even cancer!

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